Friday, December 22, 2006

Just A Man? ...Think Again

I have a fear that one day the Church will stand before God in bewilderment as He judges us for the wrongs we have done in His name. Jesus will say, "Forgive them Father because they didn't know what they were doing." The only problem is that we knew what we were doing, didn't we? Jesus died for us to save us from our ignorance and leave a mark in history to remind us of how far God's people can stray from the heart of God himself. We got so far from Him that we couldn't recognize His own son.

How Lucifer must have been full of excitement that day, as Jesus was being led to the cross by the very people who professed to be God's messengers on Earth. Lucifer must've been extremely proud, thinking he'd finally conquered the Almighty, as Jesus dangled lifelessly from what has become the most prominent symbol of the Christian faith...

But then something changed. It was as if the Earth skipped a beat and everyone in the world forgot to breath for a minute... The sky went dark and the Earth trembled with fear at a God who could sacrifice himself for creatures who were made in his image, but had since become a distorted perversion of what He had intended. The curtain ripped in half and Lucifer must've trembled with fear as God was released from his box within the Holy of Holies. The Earth had become such a sinful place that God was forced to take refuge within the Holy of Holies, separated from these people bearing His distorted image. He did this, not for His protection, but for ours. This man Jesus was more than just a man, He was a key sent to unlock God's cage and set Him free among His sinful creation.

With Jesus' death, the curtain was torn and God's power unleashed... The "holy" people would no longer twist the word's of God for their own uses. God would now walk among the people and they would be allowed direct contact with the Almighty Himself. Could there be a greater gift than this?

I'm not writing this because I think I'm "holier than thou" or because I've been given some divine wisdom that no one else has access to... No, I'm writing this as a plea to the Church to stop trying to force God back into the church we've created and let Him loose on the world. There are people in this world, doing great things, who are abandoned by the Church simply because of the way they talk and the way they dress.

Please remember, there once was a man who walked the Earth who was rejected by the "holy" people because of the radical things He said... But in his death the people were forced to listen... The Earth itself moaned in pain and shook with fear... The heavens went dark and the sky began to weep... Even the dead came back to life for His funeral... But we don't remember this man because of His funeral, we remember him because death itself couldn't cage Him. This was no ordinary man!


Anonymous jon said...

Yeah man! I feel that!



1:33 a.m.  
Blogger Lee said...

Wow, someone actually read it! Thanks Jon.

9:45 a.m.  
Blogger Lori said...

wow, this is good lee!

i like when you say, "There are people in this world, doing great things, who are abandoned by the Church simply because of the way they talk and the way they dress."

whats so amazing is that we are all equal in Gods eyes (even though we are not here on earth) and He loves us unconditionally. its so sad that the world is filled with so much evil/sin that separates us from Him and to be like Him. and it separates us from each other. (i picture a person dressed in a perfect white garment, no creases or errors. they step outside into the kayos of down pouring rain. Even though they are carrying their umbrella of shield and protection, there is no way around the imperfection that the rain and mud will cause to their garment. Luckily God is the soap and water that cleans the mud and the air that dries the rain. He is the one, that will one day make that garment better than brand new. But in the meantime, there too are people in the world that can assist God in cleaning the mud and rain from their garment, the church. which the church isn't necessarily the physical church, but it's all of us) it's one of the greatest struggles out there, for us to love our neighbor as ourselves (in a world that is all about Me, Me, Me).

Mark 12:33 says, "... to love Him (God) with all the heart, with all the understanding, with all the soul, and with all the strength, and to LOVE ONE'S NEIGHBOR AS ONESELF, is more than all the whole burnt offering and sacrifices."

ha, sorry for the long comment. back to work...

1:45 p.m.  

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