Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rebuilding the Puzzle

Pursuing God's wonder or recapturing a sense of wonder is much like building a jigsaw puzzle. The only thing is that some of the pieces have gone missing and you need to find the pieces before you can put the 'big picture' back together. Well, tonight I found another piece of that puzzle.

A couple friends and I just started a Bible study, in which we're studying 1st Samuel. Tonight we dove head-first into chapter 1, which tells of Samuel's birth. This story has reminded me of my own story... which I'll get to in a second.

Time after time we see stories of women in the Bible who are barren, but desperately desire to have a child. In Hannah's case she promises God that, if He gives her a child she'll dedicate this child to God (to serve in the priesthood). God gives her a son, and she names him Samuel. When he's 3 years old he is sent off to live with Eli (a priest), and begins his service to God. We see this story of a 'miracle baby' repeated over and over in scripture (ie. Sarai, Rebekah, Rachel, Elizabeth,...), but why?

This is where my story comes in... There are events surrounding my birth that make me believe that my life is somewhat of a miracle or gift from God. I've been told, from a young age, that God has a purpose for me and that I'm here for a reason. In light of my birth story, I often have the feeling I'm living on borrowed time. In the past, this idea has kept me motivated and fervently seeking God. However, the problem is that when I start to lose sight of my target, or my dreams start to seem out of reach, I slowly begin to forget I've been created for a purpose.

Well, Samuel's birth story has reminded me of my story and given me something to think about. I'm not saying that my story is comparable to Samuel's or that my responsibility in this world is any greater than those around me, but I must keep in mind that my life is not just a random mishap. God had me in mind long before I was brought into this world and I should be extremely excited about that!

Sometimes I get so caught up in myself that I forget about the 'bigger picture'. Every once in awhile I need something to adjust my perspective. I need to constantly remember that my life has a purpose, and what I do with my time and energy matters to God...

"My Life is a work of art inspired by a sense of wonder, created with the purpose of displaying the wonder of God."
~Lee Johnson


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